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Finalcrete: Superior concrete restoration that keeps costs down.

When restoration and waste removal becomes too expensive or impractical, Finalcrete offers a durable, easy-to-use option that allows you to get the job done.
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Concrete Repair and Resurfacing Designed for Contractors

Finalcrete is a contractor’s building material engineered as a 2-part concrete repair and resurfacing product system that is mixed for use on the job site. Finalcrete is available through building contractor supply centres to general & masonry contractors.

Finalcrete is designed to demonstrate the benefits of repairing concrete and not replacing it. Finalcrete’s inherent design is based on reinforcing the choice for sustainability and the contractor’s interest in translating restoration into long-term savings for customers.

Key cost effective benefits:

  • Great Workability, adheres to all most all construction materials
  • Easy Application Methods, variable mix ratios for trowel and spray
  • Fast Time to Service, walk on in 4 hours, drive over the next day
  • Longer Lasting Repair, resists weather, chemicals and salt

The folks who make Finalcrete know it’s important to have the finest, contractor-grade products available for projects. Finalcrete was developed by a contractor for contractors who have come to trust the product and know it will turn any project using polymer modified concrete mix, parge and repair product into a beautiful finish and have it stay that way long after the application.

Finalcrete is the contractor’s versatile concrete repair product because it can be used on many projects from a wide range of concrete repairs and crack filling to thin overlays and surface restoration. Finalcrete is applied with convention tools with variable consistencies allowing for trowelling or spraying to be applied horizontally, vertically and overhead. It sets quickly, can be applied on wet surfaces, holds at the bond line and requires no primer allowing for fast turnarounds.

Applications Examples

  • 37-Services-Concrete-ramp-repairs-use-Finalcrete’s-versatility-

Concrete ramp repairs use Finalcrete’s versatility

It doesn’t matter whether the concrete ramp that needs repair is being used as an alternative to […]

  • #40 (Services) Concrete steps are repaired quickly and easily with FinalcreteT

Concrete steps are repaired quickly and easily with Finalcrete

Moving forward in business means spending as little time as possible backpedalling by returning for repair work, […]

  • Finalcrete-works-with-patios-for-quick-patching-and-superior-anchoring

Finalcrete works with patios for quick patching and superior anchoring

Concrete patios provide stability and usually require long periods between necessary repairs. However, one of the weak […]

  • brush finish on walkway

Finalcrete fixes damaged concrete stairs.

As an inexpensive, two component early strength repair material, Finalcrete is just what you need to tackle […]