Finalcrete’s versatility allows applications that get the best results. Establishing one part measure, whether with a cup or small container or using a fill line to assist using the correct ratio to master your desired mix will help you achieve overall consistency with the project. That’s just one of the advantages of this two component early strength repair material and if you don’t think there’s a real benefit to using it, you only need to look at the most recent results from the World Congress of the International Commission of Agricultural Engineering.

Finalcrete is a long lasting repair and restoration product that eliminates the need to come back for touch ups. Results from the congress that studied the presence of horizontal cracks, inclined cracks, foundation displacement signs and a host of other issues with concrete manure storage facilities, clearly show that Finalcrete fills a need where these agricultural structures are concerned.

Whether the concrete is worn, damaged or chipped, it can be fixed easily with a long lasting repair using Finalcrete, partially because it takes only 60 minutes to set. That comes in handy when having to make repairs on a large scale.

It’s statistical proof that using Finalcrete makes looking after what can become a large problem manageable and that because this product can be sprayed easily to gain quick application and high product yield, it’s the right choice since it cleans up with water and can be worked with regular concrete tools.