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Use Finalcrete for concrete floor repairs that minimize downtime

Time is money and that’s true for you and your clients. Repairing cracks in warehouse floors, manufacturing or food and beverage centers means that you and your client base will want to take advantage of Finalcrete’s versatility that includes mixing ratios that vary with different applications.

For some of these bigger jobs you can alter the […]

Agricultural engineering report shows concrete structures need the kind of help Finalcrete provides

Finalcrete’s versatility allows applications that get the best results. Establishing one part measure, whether with a cup or small container or using a fill line to assist using the correct ratio to master your desired mix will help you achieve overall consistency with the project. That’s just one of the advantages of this two component […]

Farm containment walls and Finalcrete: A winning combination

Agricultural containment walls shouldn’t be a high maintenance part of any rural business. There are lots of different factors that go into a wall failure, like a rotational slip and joint breakdown in the block work, but Finalcrete has the durability, strength, urine and manure resistance and economy to cut costly repair time and right […]

Fast, easy and efficient parging with Finalcrete

Exposed exterior walls between grade and siding of an ICF block foundation are one of the applications where Finalcrete’s ability to be applied is demonstrated. It has great workability and the finished product is noticeable difference. Whether you trowel or spray, it can be applied easily offering a superior product yield.

Today, ICF starter brick ledge […]

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Mixing ratios add the versatility you need for silos

While Finalcrete does a great job with urban concrete repairs resisting any damage from livestock urine or manure and the ability to stick to almost any surface, there’s much more to what this polymer admix can do for your bottom line.

An inexpensive, two-component, early strength repair material, Finalcrete’s uses extend to agricultural needs like foundations, […]

Finalcrete works great with rural cisterns

Finalcrete is just the thing for rainwater cisterns in agricultural settings. Being familiar with mixing guidelines is helpful, with the mix ratio for parge generally being 1:3, allowing for either vertical or horizontal work to be applied and completed easily.
Rural residents who haul potable water from municipal water supply to store in their own country […]

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Finalcrete helps keeps your concrete patio in great shape

Being successful means staying on top of all the latest trends that are catching the eye of your more discerning clients. Patios are gaining popularity and concrete has enough decorative options to grab a market share. Make sure that any repairs are looked after quickly and efficiently by Finalcrete since it doesn’t have any VOCs […]

Measuring how much product you need

Save money on expensive concrete replacements with Finalcrete. The savings start by not having to remove old concrete. If the foundation is sound you can restore the area quickly and easily with a Finalcrete repair patch. So let’s consider how much product you’ll need. Start by calculating the square footage of your job site. That’s […]

Basement wall cracks are no match for Finalcrete

Settling concrete foundations can cause cracks that can dip into your profit margins unless you’ve got the right early strength concrete repair product, which is Finalcrete. Moisture problems that can have you coming back to the same basement include a lack of proper floor drains and even poor circulation or improperly vented appliances. There are […]

Finalcrete’s water resistance is excellent for repointing masonry walls

You can finish Finalcrete with a trowel, broom, spray or sponge. Being able to use this concrete repair and restoration product with conventional tools to get the right concrete finish on a repair job is just the first benefit.

Tuck pointing is one of those jobs that you want to be done with after the first […]