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Versatility and Finalcrete: An advantage and product that go hand in hand

The prospect of using conventional tools is one of the first things that should attract you to Finalcrete. The use of a trowel is handy for a variety of jobs, including parging foundations, spraying galvanized window wells to produce a stucco finish and putting the finishing touches on anchors and railings. A broom can be […]

Agricultural Concrete Repair with cracked foundations, stalls, containment walls or cisterns, Finalcrete is there

Farm projects are made easier for repair when you use Finalcrete, a two-component system with a fast time to service. It is true that many agricultural F. Either way, Finalcrete is there.

Doing the job right with Finalcrete the first time will help with your profit margin so you need to be sure that when you’re […]

Concrete repair for walkways is made easy with Finalcrete

With the ability to accommodate widening crack repairs and resist the otherwise normal ravages of the freeze/thaw cycle, Finalcrete provides concrete repair and restoration that works well even with particular jobs like high traffic walkways, so that you can get the job done and move on to the next.

An added advantage of Finalcrete is the […]

Finalcrete is stronger than the competition at fixing cracks

If you require a polymer modified cement that has an excellent turnaround time from start to finish, choose Finalcrete. When you’re dealing with concrete cracks and you need to address a number of factors that include the cover thickness and exposure. These cracks need to be looked at carefully.

Is it a one time event or […]

Finalcrete is the perfect solution for fixing concrete steps

Flexibility is one of the features that you’ll enjoy when you choose Finalcrete as your concrete repair and restoration solution. This polymer admix is easy to use on the job and it has been designed for a number of applications including top coating, partial filling cracks with smooth or other various finishing options.

Finalcrete also stands […]

Measuring how much product you need

Save money on expensive concrete replacements with Finalcrete. The savings start by not having to remove old concrete. If the foundation is sound you can restore the area quickly and easily with a Finalcrete repair patch. So let’s consider how much product you’ll need. Start by calculating the square footage of your job site. That’s […]

Extending the pot life of Finalcrete under hot conditions

Not always do we have ideal working conditions for concrete repair and restoration jobs. During the summer months when the sun is beating down and temperature on the work surface reaches over 50°C we need to improvise to help the mixing compound do its job by making the pot life last long enough so it […]

Finalcrete has a quick service time making curb repairs a shorter job

Weather, traffic, tree roots and earth movement are all factors in the deterioration of curbs. Cracks and buckling are all too common and they need to be fixed in a way that gets you off to the next job knowing you’ve fixed the curb right the first time.

That is why you need Finalcrete as your […]

Finalcrete can be used to shore retaining walls too

Versatility is one of the factors that can separate efficient concrete overlays from ones that slow you down and cost time and money. When it comes to all sorts of concrete repairs, Finalcrete stands head and shoulders above the crowd when you need a two component, early strength concrete repair material that adheres to and […]

Finalcrete: Convenient spray application for cost effectiveness

When you’re looking for a no-nonsense concrete repair that eliminates the need for removal of existing material and repouring, look no further than Finalcrete. A cost effective solution, Finalcrete combines the ability to cure in damp conditions at low temperatures with a variable mix consistency. Use it to keep your costs down when conventional concrete […]