Versatility is your ticket to healthy ROIs and although you do a good application, there are forces at work that make it necessary to consider Finalcrete as your specially formulated polymer admix for one time concrete repairs.

Unstable soil behind a basement wall can undo even the most professional work, causing cracks to appear. Finalcrete requires less work to prepare the surface which saves time and money making for repairs that last. Establishing your one part measure, whether with a cup or small container or using a fill line to assist you with using the correct ratio to master your desired mix, will help you achieve overall consistency with repairs that won’t require repeat visits. Finalcrete boasts a quick turnaround time, from beginning to end in one hour.

There are other enemies that work against basements, including expansive clay or badly compacted fill that can leave the foundation and walls unbalanced, causing them to be prone to cracks and fissures. Finalcrete will not shrink on cure and you can use regular concrete tools to work it and everything cleans up with water. 

You get the finish you want with this product, a job that gets done right quickly and easily. Finalcrete can be layered in 2″ increments up to a 6″ depth, plus expanded when you add aggregate.

Lateral loads can put pressure on basement walls causing them to bow and crack as well. Altering the trowel mix slightly by using a ratio 1:3.5, adding ¼ part water and mixing thoroughly will extend the pot life of Finalcrete. It’s the permanent concrete resurfacing material that makes sure the job gets done right the first time and there’s no need for supplemental visits.