Settling concrete foundations can cause cracks that can dip into your profit margins unless you’ve got the right early strength concrete repair product, which is Finalcrete. Moisture problems that can have you coming back to the same basement include a lack of proper floor drains and even poor circulation or improperly vented appliances. There are a few different causes but just one solution, Finalcrete.

You want to make sure resulting cracks in the wall are treated once by a product that boasts superior adhesion and can be worked with conventional concrete tools and washes up with water. Those are all the things that Finalcrete can do for you but there are more advantages that will make any of the jobs where you need to work vertically easier. Toweling can be done overhead as well as vertically and horizontally with Finalcrete.

Remember the best results happen when you treat the crack properly so that Finalcrete can do the job. Take advantage of this product’s ability to accommodate widening crack repairs and resist freeze/thaw movement by making sure the damaged area has a sufficient wedge to allow Finalcrete’s superior adhesion to get to work.

It’s critical to work with a concrete crack repair and restoration product that has all the bases covered and works with your schedule as well as your bottom line. There’s less work needed for preparing the surface and that saves you both time and money. Add in the fact that it can be sprayed and has variable mixes and you’ll see how Finalcrete gets you in and out of the job quicker and with confidence.