It doesn’t matter whether the concrete ramp that needs repair is being used as an alternative to stairs outside a home or has some agricultural usage, general mixing guidelines exist for Finalcrete from finishing restoration work to spray top finish to straight forward repair patch work. Finalcrete doesn’t require a bonding agent or primer, is stronger than most other concrete repair products and will stick to most substrate surfaces.

Finalcrete is a cost-efficient permanent polymer admix that is formulated to last. Ramps are especially useful is in overcoming changes in elevation up to about 9 inches or 22.86 centimeters and are made better when adding aggregate to the mix. As far as agricultural needs are concerned, concrete ramps are instrumental in making sure products get transferred to silos efficiently. With a high shear bond of 4483 psi or 30MPa, Finalcrete is perfect for repairs and has an initial set time at 20°C of 20 minutes, so downtime is minimized.

Time is of the essence and Finalcrete delivers with the ability to be sprayed on easily. It is a high-yield product that applies smoothly whether the repair is on a ramp, an agricultural water trough, or other high-use rural items like feedlot bunkers.

Finalcrete allows you to alter the trowel mix by changing the ratio to 1:3.5 and then adding ¼ part water, which helps extend the pot life in hot climate conditions. With one product, you can use variable mix ratios offering versatility towards repairing many different projects which is another great benefit. Whether you mix for a trowel, spray hopper or overhead, the right mixing ratio will help you meet the project demands for a professional finish. Rural applications are strengthened by the fact that Finalcrete is corrosion resistant and oil, urine, manure or fuel won’t harm the finished surface.