With the ability to accommodate widening crack repairs and resist the otherwise normal ravages of the freeze/thaw cycle, Finalcrete provides concrete repair and restoration that works well even with particular jobs like high traffic walkways, so that you can get the job done and move on to the next.

An added advantage of Finalcrete is the fact that it can be finished with a conventional trowel or broom and can be used to create a spray-on finish. Getting a finish coat that won’t take a long time to set is another benefit you will get when using Finalcrete – with a 30 minute working time from start to finish, you can be off to the next job before you’ve lost profits from any walkway concrete repair.

Frost can cause damage to concrete walkways or stairs – repair these problems with Finalcrete which is perfectly suiting for colder climates. Surface spalling can be another issue you’ll be called in to repair but it’s not out of the scope of Finalcrete, even when it occurs on a walkway.

Being workable in a variety of weather conditions (between 7°C and 35°C) helps to make this the perfect choice for any of the outdoor concrete repair needs that you have. Corroded reinforcing steel might be the reason for repair or aggregate pop-outs. It doesn’t even matter that many of these issues are only cosmetic when you’ve got Finalcrete on your side. Finalcrete will stick to virtually any surface and you can add aggregate up to 1/3 of mix in volume.