Moving forward in business means spending as little time as possible backpedalling by returning for repair work, but the wear and tear on concrete steps from traffic and the elements during the course of its lifespan means that some kind of patch or fix will be necessary.

That’s why Finalcrete should be the only specially formulated polymer admix you need to get the job done right the first time and eliminate the need for costly return visits. Considering the mix for the repair should take into account the harmful effects of freezing and thawing and de-icing chemicals, Finalcrete’s versatile general mixing guidelines include finishing restoration work as well as spray top finish and straight forward repair patch work.

If the initial concrete wasn’t allowed to cure properly, there’s the added possibility of chipping and spalling. None of that causes any problems for the high heat resistance of this product that can be layered in 2″ increments up to a 6″ depth. Any repair work requires speed to make it a cost efficient venture and Finalcrete fits the bill again with a quick turnaround – from start to finish in 60 minutes. You can also work it with regular concrete repairs tools and clean up with water afterward.

Repairs to cracks and chips can be done easily with Finalcrete, making repairs to concrete stairs less expensive than replacements and whether the concrete is worn, damaged or chipped, it can be fixed easily with a long lasting repair using this cost effective two component early strength repair material.

If you want the right finish and the job done fast and easy, get in touch with us today to learn more about Finalcrete.