Your bottom line is one of the most important parts of your business. When it comes to concrete walkway repairs, it’s necessary to use a polymer admix that’s been specially designed for use in high traffic areas. The only name that you need to look for is Finalcrete for several outstanding reasons.

Remember that even with an exposed aggregate finish, this is the right product since, among other things, it can be polished, it will accommodate widening concrete crack repairs and even the stress of the freeze thaw movement that originates many of the repairs you’ll need to look at. Bond adhesion is another one of the features that puts Finalcrete ahead of the competition.

Stamped concrete walkways or even stoops are no problem for this repair innovation that is corrosion resistant and will not permanently stain. Finalcretecan be cleaned or power washed and can even be worked with regular concrete tools.

As further testament to its versatility, Finalcreteallows the applicator to gain the best results. Establishing your one part measure with a cup or small container, or using a fill line to assist you, using the correct ratio to master your desired mix will help you achieve overall consistency required for any project.

Whether the concrete walkways are stamped or not and regardless of whether they are set alone or as part of an adjoining patio, Finalcretewill give you the finish you want. The fact that it is self bonding with no failure at the bond line is just one of the benefits of Finalcrete and it maintains it adhesion even under strain.

Concrete walkways are a quick repair for Finalcrete