Finalcrete is a two-part system that is perfect for parging jobs of all types, including concrete and ICF foundations. This product is easy to mix and apply and the tools that you use can be cleaned up with water. What could be easier? Under normal conditions Finalcrete needs 60 minutes to set allowing for enough time to gain a float finish if you are applying a single coat or allowing for time to add a second finish coat if desired.

Mixing 1 part liquid to 3 parts dry mix will help with vertical parge and still keep the base coat thin to avoid dripping. Planning ahead will help with the preparation of the surface for proper adhesion and trowelling bottom up will help to avoid any messy cleanups. Finalcrete has a workable time of 20 minutes, from start of application to product setting. It does not require specialized application or curing techniques associated with other latex modified concretes.

It’s a concrete repair and restoration package that’s designed with longer lasting repairs in mind that don’t bog you down with touchups and reworking.

If you are looking to finish any parging job once and then move on with an outstanding finish coat, Finalcrete is a great option for you. Adhesion is one of the best traits of Finalcrete and what separates this product from the competition. Finalcrete will stick to virtually any surface including a top coat with a 1/8-inch thickness.

Finalcrete is easy to use, allowing you to trowel the final coat easily to finish the job and move on to the next.