Not always do we have ideal working conditions for concrete repair and restoration jobs. During the summer months when the sun is beating down and temperature on the work surface reaches over 50°C we need to improvise to help the mixing compound do its job by making the pot life last long enough so it can be spread easily and ultimately allow it to set properly. To help with these conditions there are a couple of techniques that can be used which will extend the pot life and make it easier to apply.

Remember you can apply Finalcrete on to a damp surface and this is especially true during hot conditions. If you know concrete, you know wetting the substrate helps the hydration process and this is especially true when using any Portland-based cement product. Before you apply Finalcrete, if the surface isn’t wet from power washing during preparation then, spraying it down before applying is a useful step. Although you don’t need to wet cure the repair once you are done, under extreme heat conditions, it is helpful if you did give it a light spray of water.

You can also improve the pot life on a hot day by altering the trowel mix slightly and using a ratio of 1:3½ and then add ¼ part water. To extend pot life on a hot day by about 10 to 15 minutes of working time, you first add the 1 part Finalcrete liquid and then mix in the 3½ parts of Finalcrete dry mix. Lastly, and then add ¼ part water and mix it thoroughly – you are then ready to apply. When you prepare a batch this way you will notice at the beginning that the slump is a bit looser then the traditional trowel mix but the workability is improved quickly. As the minutes pass and your batch is used up you will that the slump becomes stiffer and appears to thicken. This technique for extending the pot life should help on those stifling hot days with your concrete repair and restoration projects. Learn more about this product by downloading information found under Product Documentation or visit us on Facebook to see before and after photos.