Agricultural containment walls shouldn’t be a high maintenance part of any rural business. There are lots of different factors that go into a wall failure, like a rotational slip and joint breakdown in the block work, but Finalcrete has the durability, strength, urine and manure resistance and economy to cut costly repair time and right many problems.

Finalcrete maintains its high strength, resistance to wear and tear including heat build up to complement concrete as the right choice for existing concrete walls, troughs or barriers since these concrete structures will be protecting livestock and machinery. It also provides easy-to-clean surfaces and can serve as the heat storage medium for solar heating systems.

Versatility is one of the bigger advantages that you get with Finalcrete, due to the various mix design formulations available which include ones suitable for a full depth at 6″, a partial depth at 2″ or even a thin bonded overlay. Finalcrete is designed for inside and  outside repair applications as it accommodates widening crack repairs and the stress of the freeze-thaw movement with exterior surfaces at the same time.

Use it on a variety of applications that require strength, flexibility and adhesion. Repairs to cracks and chips can be done easily with Finalcrete making improvements to existing manure handling facilities less expensive than replacements. Facilities can be expanded or remodeled with gravity-drain gutters, flush gutters or scraper systems, all of which are designed to remove manure from the building at frequent intervals and deposit it in an outside storage tank.

Cutting the costs of repairs without compromising the quality and durability of the concrete repair is what Finalcrete is all about. Manure handling and storage are just two of the efficient uses of concrete structures. Adding to this permanent concrete repair and resurfacing product’s cost effectiveness is the fact that like concrete, it maintains a high heat resistance making Finalcrete the right choice for agricultural repairs and restoration.