Exposed exterior walls between grade and siding of an ICF block foundation are one of the applications where Finalcrete’s ability to be applied is demonstrated. It has great workability and the finished product is noticeable difference. Whether you trowel or spray, it can be applied easily offering a superior product yield.

Today, ICF starter brick ledge or block foundation is considered unfinished until properly parged. There are a variety of different blocks on the market today, including one that uses expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) and also one that utilizes different plastic locking mechanisms. There is however one unified method for parging that should be used. Regardless of the specific job, the parging method should include applying a fibreglass mesh along with Finalcrete as a parge. This product has a fast time to service for a quick turnaround time, about 60 minutes, from start to finish. The area above grade doesn’t require a waterproofing membrane, so a parge with a fibreglass mesh can protect the wall area from back-fill or landscaping damage, as well as rodent or insect infestation. It will also offer a professional finish that will last.

Finalcrete also speaks to the specific conditions you could find yourself working under, since it is workable in all weather and especially in temperatures ranging from 10-35°C. You need to find the right inexpensive option when it comes to completing an exterior wall foundation area. This will be the right choice since it adheres to most surfaces, cleans up well with water and can be worked with regular concrete tools.

Finalcrete the one solution to all of your concrete repair needs.