Making things look new again without needing to sacrifice a lot of time and money is what Finalcrete is all about. For jobs where conventional concrete repair and restoration techniques don’t work or cost too much, Finalcrete is there with the best results that keep the costs down.

Parging is one of those jobs where you need to move forward without hitches.  Finalcrete boasts a 60 minute turnaround time and sticks to virtually any area that you need it to. Remember to dampen the surface of the wall before you start, either with a hose or from your water bucket, to prevent the moisture from Finalcrete being pulled into the surface that you are covering.

It’s important to load up the backside of the trowel, start at the bottom corner of the wall and move upward in an arc finishing in front of your body. Overlapping all the arcs with a gentle pressure will amplify Finalcrete’s superior adhesion and variable mix consistency. Finalcrete is the right product for all of your concrete repairs and parging jobs for several very good reasons including:

  • Excellent chemical and water resistance
  • Variable mix consistency
  • Application with conventional tools

Having your bottom line as a top priority is important but getting an easy to apply, quality product that you can rely on is also very imperative. You get this with Finalcrete. Use Finalcrete once and you’ll add it to your arsenal of money making tools.

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