Versatility is one of the factors that can separate efficient concrete overlays from ones that slow you down and cost time and money. When it comes to all sorts of concrete repairs, Finalcrete stands head and shoulders above the crowd when you need a two component, early strength concrete repair material that adheres to and works in many different situations.

It can be tinted to meet requirements and even used as a topping or as a deep or partial fill. It can be towelled vertically or even overhead and worked with conventional tools. Finalcrete is a great material to use when you’re looking for adhesion, flexibility and strength and an outstanding choice when a concrete retaining wall restoration or build is the goal.

Design is just as important as construction when you’re building concrete retaining walls. Finalcrete takes away the need for tearing down old structures and repouring. If the design of the original wall is sound there are a few things that you need to keep in mind so you can keep it in place.

Cantilever and counterfort walls present unique challenges in that the stem at the base needs to have a thickness of 10% of the total wall height. The right proportioning here is critical for any type of retaining wall since they facilitate proper concrete placement. The base slab depth needs to be below the seasonal frost line and where necessary a footing key can be included as a brace against sliding.

Finalcrete is an extremely versatile concrete overlay that’s good for use in many residential and commercial applications. It’s easy to apply and considered the strongest application available for resurfacing, restoration and repair.

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