When you’re looking for a no-nonsense concrete repair that eliminates the need for removal of existing material and repouring, look no further than Finalcrete. A cost effective solution, Finalcrete combines the ability to cure in damp conditions at low temperatures with a variable mix consistency. Use it to keep your costs down when conventional concrete restoration techniques are too expensive or otherwise impractical.

When you need strength, flexibility and adhesion, as well as a product backed by ten years of applications that are holding today, turn to Finalcrete. Finalcrete is simple to batch and mix and perhaps best of all, you can apply it with conventional tools using familiar methods like a spray application. Beyond the ability to apply Finalcrete in otherwise difficult to reach locations using a spray application, another advantage includes the low permeability. Remember the high velocity of application means high compressive strengths equalling better adhesion and less chance you’ll need to revisit the job.

It’s best when you use less material and that’s another aspect where Finalcrete and a spray application mesh together perfectly. This product adheres to almost any properly prepared substrate and offers compressed strengths of 30% or higher.

Whether you need to make commercial, residential or industrial concrete repairs, getting the most cost efficient solution that saves money and time is the best route to take and that is where Finalcrete stands above the competition.

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