As an inexpensive, two component early strength repair material, Finalcrete is just what you need to tackle repairs on both commercial and residential concrete steps. As much as you want the repair to any stairs completed quickly and easily, it’s important to look for the underlying causes of the damage to get the full picture.

There are several advantages to using Finalcrete including the fact that it is corrosion resistant and will not shrink on cure, but investigating the cause of the damage may prevent a return visit to patch other spots.

While poor quality materials and bad construction design can be the culprits, cracking can be the result of some kind of impact. Regardless of whether the stairs have been hit or whether cracks are the result of the freeze/thaw cycle and coarse aggregate in the mix, the problem is quickly corrected with Finalcrete. It cleans up with water and can be applied with regular concrete repair tools.

There’s more to the benefits that you’ll get using Finalcrete including the fact that it’s workable in weather conditions ranging from 10°C to 35°C and it can be layered in 2″increments up to a 6″depth.

Remember that understanding the severity of the damage cannot be understated. Sounding with a hammer can give help you determine the extent. Still, it doesn’t matter that the damage resulting from the freeze/thaw cycle, sulphate exposure and an alkali-aggregate reaction might appear quite similar since Finalcrete tackles them all.

Reducing costs and saving time are priorities that this product delivers on and with the ability to accommodate widening crack repairs makes Finalcrete a logical choice for concrete step repairs of all kinds.