Weather, traffic, tree roots and earth movement are all factors in the deterioration of curbs. Cracks and buckling are all too common and they need to be fixed in a way that gets you off to the next job knowing you’ve fixed the curb right the first time.

That is why you need Finalcrete as your number one concrete repair and restoration solution. You get superior bonding to any surface along with an excellent water resistant finish. Curbs and sidewalks are just one of the many applications in which this product excels. Finalcrete is resistant to moisture, chemicals and salt making it the logical choice for jobs where cost effectiveness and great workability are a priority.

You can use conventional tools to apply Finalcrete and understanding some of the techniques required for concrete restoration will allow you to maximize your use of this premiere product. To prepare the work area you will need a hammer and chisel to remove lose concrete and debris, to ensure that you have a clean working area. This ensures that Finalcrete has a chance to adhere properly to a solid surface. With superior adhesion, Finalcrete holds up under strain and has no failure at the bond line.

Preparation is important and grinding or power washing can also be used to prep the area to be worked on. However, the curb should be free of any standing water before work starts.

The elements are no match for Finalcrete’s self bonding properties, making it stronger than other traditional concrete products. Use Finalcrete for curb repairs that will not require follow up service calls, increasing your profit margins.