Being successful means staying on top of all the latest trends that are catching the eye of your more discerning clients. Patios are gaining popularity and concrete has enough decorative options to grab a market share. Make sure that any repairs are looked after quickly and efficiently by Finalcrete since it doesn’t have any VOCs or harmful chemicals that your customer watches for.

Of course these are just a few of the advantages, as this cost efficient polymer admix will stick also to virtually any exterior substrate surface and can be sprayed on or applied using regular concrete tools. Concrete patio repairs could present unique challenges since they are often colour coordinated, stamped or engraved, but Finalcrete rises to these challenges and more with self bonding properties so it maintains adhesion even under strain and won’t fail at the bond line.

Depending on where you need to make the repair, you can use expansion material such as a 1/2″ thick piece of asphalt-impregnated fiber board. This can be placed against any permanent structure so that the concrete repair doesn’t bond with it and allows for expansion. Finalcrete will not shrink on cure and is corrosion resistant to chemicals, fuel, urine or oil, making it the right product for a seamless repair that will restore any patio back to its original tough and attractive appearance.

Outside concrete repairs are no problem for Finalcrete. This material is workable in all weather conditions at temperatures ranging from 10-35°C. Broomed, stained, or even stamped finishes are all variations where this product blends in seamlessly. Finalcrete can accommodate widening crack repairs as well as the physical stress of the freeze-thaw movement.