Aging concrete presents a variety of different applications for Finalcrete. This solution is a cost effective repair and restoration technique that can be added directly to the concrete at the job site and requires none of the specialized curing techniques associated with other latex modified concretes. Simple and effective, Finalcrete is perfect for commercial and residential projects where conventional techniques are too expensive.

With superior bonding strength and a finish that’s resistant to both chemicals and moisture, this product will stick to almost any surface and one of Finalcrete’s other advantages is the finish can be easily painted.

Here are a few quick reminders so you’ll get the most from the painting process.

Remember to add the colour at the right stage. It needs to be added at the mixing stage prior to adding the powder. The colour and liquid needs to be mixed thoroughly before adding the dry mix and the same mixing formula needs to be used for the entire job so that everything stays consistent. You can use either liquid or powder colour, but the liquid variety must be latex based.

Finalcrete is easy to use and the product’s versatility makes it perfect for many different concrete repair applications. Finalcrete will allow you to save on restoration costs and it can be worked with conventional tools. Finalcrete has a decade-long history of proven results and with an outstanding curing time that allows you to get the job done quickly.

Finalcrete is an extremely versatile concrete repair overlay that’s good for use in many residential and commercial applications. It’s easy to apply and considered the strongest application available for resurfacing, restoration and repair.

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