If you require a polymer modified cement that has an excellent turnaround time from start to finish, choose Finalcrete. When you’re dealing with concrete cracks and you need to address a number of factors that include the cover thickness and exposure. These cracks need to be looked at carefully.

Is it a one time event or a repeat offender? You can trust Finalcrete to provide the flexibility, adhesion and strength that you’re looking for so that costly touch ups won’t be necessary.

Bonding is one of the premiere advantages that you’ll get with this product. There will be no failure at the bond line with Finalcrete and this product keeps its adhesive qualities even under strain. This two part system will not shrink during the curing process and force you to cut into your profits even further.

These cracks can be due to a number of different factors like drying, shrinkage or even thermal movement but Finalcrete needs less preparation and saves in the costs and time needed to get the job completed. Need more convincing? Time is money so it’s important that this product cleans up with water and it can be worked with regular concrete repair tools.

You know that structural integrity can be comprised with basement wall cracks and these only get worse with time. Getting around costly excavation is as easy as using Finalcrete for concrete restoration. With Finalcrete you can add aggregate to fill in cracks. When you need strength, flexibility and adhesion, Finalcrete is the right concrete repair product with a variety of uses.