Flexibility is one of the features that you’ll enjoy when you choose Finalcrete as your concrete repair and restoration solution. This polymer admix is easy to use on the job and it has been designed for a number of applications including top coating, partial filling cracks with smooth or other various finishing options.

Finalcrete also stands above the crowd in more traditional repairs since it has more strength than conventional concrete and most other repair products. Concrete stairs or crumbling steps are just one example that will display the superior adhesion of Finalcrete. This product can be used to fill any form and it is workable at temperatures between 7°C to 35°C

Doing repairs to concrete stairs once is important, this product has a set time of 60 minutes and it has superior resistance to cracking, peeling and moisture. This two component product gives you a seamless repair and compression strength of 28 MPa after 3 days allowing you to park a vehicle.

Allocating a lot of time and money for concrete repairs and not needing to buy specialized tools for what should be a quick and simple job is important for running a profitable business. Once again, Finalcrete comes out on top with less bother for greater results.

Finalcrete provides permanent concrete resurfacing for high traffic areas, along with advantages like salt and chemical resistance and a highly reduce need for repair rework.