Upward or downward bending of the edges of slabs of concrete can leave corners unsupported and cracks and chips can occur that need to be repaired. The upward curling is typically caused by either shrinking or contraction at the top. The solution to a quick and easy repair that cleans up with water is Finalcrete.

This product requires less work to prepare the surface so time is saved and costs are reduced. Remember that immediate curling is more often than not the result of poor curing or rapid surface drying. However this problem starts, whether you’re working in the city or rural areas, contractors need to be sure that cracks and chips they need to work on will be repaired by a product with several outstanding qualities that separate it from the competition.

Use Finalcrete because it works with all types of concrete repairs. You can even use conventional tools when you’re looking for a consistency suitable for most trowel applications maintaining the mix ratio as supplied 3 parts dry to 1 part liquid will get the job done.

Of course there are things that you can do to avoid these dimensional changes that cause curling like taking precautions to avoid excessive bleeding, but it’s good to know you’ve got another line of defence with Finalcrete. This product provides a superior topcoat that will not shrink on cure and is self bonding with no failure at the bond line.