Along with being versatile and great for uses in many different applications, Finalcrete can be applied quite easily using conventional concrete tools. If you’re looking to produce a surface with excellent traction, using this permanent concrete repair product lends itself to the traditional broom finish that’s been used for years.

Getting the desired effect is an art form that requires the skills of a master, but there are some staples to using the broom that are good to remind yourself of. Keep in mind by using Finalcrete, you’ll be getting all the benefits of a concrete repair material that’s corrosion resistant to salt and chemicals. Keep the costs down and get the best results with this product that delivers superior adhesion to surfaces and excellent curing for fast time to service.

Application often makes the difference when it comes to concrete repairs. Although there are many different variations, you should run the broom perpendicular to the slope when there’s one present. If the concrete is intended to drain, you’ll need to run the broom marks in the right direction. The choice of techniques is something you’ll need to fit with the needs of the job, but working with Finalcrete guarantees a finished product that’s cost efficient for several great reasons.

This is the material that will cure at low temperatures and in damp conditions so your work won’t be held hostage by the environment. Finalcrete is the perfect product for pool decks, patios and walkways and even larger commercial jobs like common areas and other high traffic sections. Getting the right broom to compliment Finalcrete’s versatility means you should look for one with interchangeable inserts which can be adjusted to suit the requirements of the job.

Finalcrete is an extremely versatile concrete overlay that’s good for use in many residential and commercial applications. It’s easy to apply and considered the strongest application available for resurfacing, restoration and repair.

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