The best of Finalcrete is learned by the applicator when they begin to work with it. It is often said by Finalcrete friends that, “The truth is found between the trowel and the substrate”.

Often, your first experience working with Finalcrete is through your preferred dealer. Generally training is conducted through your local dealer to introduce and help you learn more about Finalcrete as an easy to use repair and restoration product. We like to call the training sessions “Mix-Off’s” because usually following our specified mixing demonstration someone shows off their trowel skills placing the material on a supplied substrate.

We have seen some remarkable work and beginners getting the hang of it. Under the section, Request More Information, check off the Training, fill in your name and email address then click, submit. We will get back to you shortly with an email listing our next scheduled training session(s), and we believe it will be time well spent, until then, think Repair, not replace.

Learn more about this product by downloading information found under Product Documentation or visit us on Facebook to see Before and After photos