Business is and has always been about the bottom line. When you’re working on repairs in a high traffic area like a walkway or sidewalk, you need to be sure that every move will count. That’s why you need to have Finalcrete in your arsenal when you’re looking at fixing cracks, gaps or pits in sidewalks.

Finalcrete has a turnaround time from start to finish of 60 minutes. Time is money and after you’ve properly undercut any existing cracks, you can take advantage of the fact that Finalcrete will not shrink on cure, will stick to virtually any surface and maintains its adhesion even under strain.

Remember to smooth the mixture down after it starts to set with either a wooden float or metal trowel. Finalcrete is a specially formulated polymer admix that’s been designed to work for contractors that want the repair to last. There’s no primer required and no additional cost for special tools Finalcrete can be worked with regular concrete repair tools. Perhaps best of all it cleans up with just water.

Walkway and sidewalk repairs often need a distinctive finish to blend in. Use a broom trowel or screed to get the right texture for the finished repair with Finalcrete. When you’re repairing cracks or bigger problems with walkways or sidewalks, you want to get the job done quickly and easily. That’s why you need to choose Finalcrete. This material is workable in all weather and at temperatures between 10°C and 35°C.

Time is money and Finalcrete was designed so there’s less work needed in surface preparation and that helps to eliminate the need for reworking and touchups.

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