Finalcrete is the specially formulated polymer admix with the ability to be workable in all weather conditions between 10°C and 35°C and is equally at home with rural repairs as it is in the city.

Manure storage, transfer and handling are a part of any farm operation that needs to be kept up to support the daily activities. Among its many advantages, Finalcrete has a fast time to service for quick turnaround from start to finish in 60 minutes. Although it can be used on many applications that require adhesion, flexibility and strength, the channel that transfers manure from the dairy barn to a pit is one place where this product’s versatility is especially useful.

This is the product that will stand up to animal waste and accommodates widening cracks and the physical stress associated with freeze- thaw. Concrete manure channels either sit flat or on a slope so they either work with gravity or need the extra assistance of a pump and flush line or chain drag. Finalcrete is a great addition to any rural toolkit since it’s corrosion and chemical resistance .

With outstanding versatility and adhesion, Finalcrete isn’t limited to manure channel repairs either. Wherever you use concrete on the farm, this product boasts superior adhesion under strain with no failure at the bond line. That’s good to know when the repair is a feed bunk or stock tank and you need to know you’re using a product that will stick to virtually any concrete surface.

Finalcrete can be layered in 2″ increments up to a 6″ depth and aggregate can be added. It’s the perfect solution to rural repairs that need to be done right the first time.