Cracks in sidewalks are another one of those jobs you can use Finalcrete for. Although this outstanding product won’t take the place of the preparation work you’ll need to get cracks, pits or gaps ready, Finalcrete is the perfect solution when more traditional concrete repair techniques are too costly or otherwise impractical.

Why? It’s simple to batch and mix for starters and you can use conventional tools like a trowel, brush, sponge or squeegee for simple applications. Remember this is the proven product that’s been lab designed and field tested so you know it’s going to save you money.  Having decade old applications that are still holding and the ability to cure in damp conditions (temperatures that can range from 10C to 35C) Finalcrete is the right material for any concrete repair work.

Cracks need to be enlarged to make sure Finalcrete’s variable mix consistency, fast time to service and powerful adhesion characteristics are properly utilized. Remember to undercut to an appropriate depth and after using Finalcrete to fill the area in, a metal trowel or wooden float works to smooth the patch over.

One of the other advantages to using Finalcrete is the versatility the product offers. Saving costs and reducing time are just two of the promises it delivers on and the fact that it will not shrink on cure or permanently stain adds to Finalcrete’s overall attractiveness as a solution to all of your concrete repair needs.

Finalcrete is an extremely versatile concrete overlay that’s good for use in many residential and commercial applications. It’s easy to apply and considered the strongest application available for resurfacing, restoration and repair.

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