Exceptional shear bond and no primer required are just two of the advantages that Finalcrete offers as the premier two component, early strength repair materials on the market. It should also come as no surprise that the product’s applications are varied.

When you’re covering spalled concrete  scars and shallow feathering up to 1/16″, it’s necessary to have a material on hand that has a fast time to service – Finalcrete times in at under 60 minutes from start to finish. It works to make your concrete repairs fast and efficient, working with and not against your bottom line. Finalcrete works even with demanding jobs like safety barriers that are designed to deflect crash impacts and the repair holds at the bond line.

Some repairs are simple – like a concrete step – but others are more demanding, such as vertical barriers or those with a slope. With Finalcrete, multiple overlays can be applied as long as the thickness is adequate. Many of these barriers begin with a 3 inch vertical face at the pavement level that slopes away. This is the perfect application to take advantage of Finalcrete’s superior flexibility, strength and adhesion.

You need a repair material that you can trust so that you’ll only need to visit the job once. Finalcrete fits the bill in several areas, not the least of which is the fact that it is workable in all weather conditions at temperatures ranging from 10-35°C. Remember you can use regular repair tools as well and it cleans up with water so you can get to the next job quicker.