Finalcrete is an efficient and economical product that allows you to make all your concrete repairs count. You can repair and renew all concrete surfaces with this solution that eliminates the need to repour and break down the existing concrete. Best of all, you get the added benefit of superior water resistance and the ability to apply Finalcrete using conventional concrete tools.

That means you can use familiar trowel applications to get the desired effects on walkways, patios, pool decks and an assortment of other commercial and residential applications. Hand-toweling requires a smaller tool tipped at a greater angle to create a smoother finish. Finalcrete can be layered to a 6” depth and many of the same finishing trowels that are used for other work can also be used for overlays and skim coats.

Finalcrete has several different mix designs that work well with any application that you need the product for. This product can be feathered to 1/16″” without compromising adhesion.

The right tool makes for the right job and the trowel that you choose is an important part of producing a great finished product. Whether you prefer a square-edged trowel or one with rounded edges, you’ll be impressed with Finalcrete’s ability to flex further than regular cement. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to be closer to the work on boards or standing with Fresno and a handle, you can get the finish that you’re looking for with Finalcrete, the quick, permanent fix for all your concrete repairs.

Finalcrete is an extremely versatile concrete overlay that’s good for use in many residential and commercial applications. It’s easy to apply and considered the strongest application available for resurfacing, restoration and repair.

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