As garage floors age, they are prone to sinking, scaling as well as pitting and cracking. These are common issues, but not insignificant ones when you want your repairs to be cost efficient and fast.

Using Finalcrete is the right choice. This product provides a water resistant chemical finish adding superior bonding capability to almost any surface. It will cure in damp conditions at low temperatures, making it perfect for those garage floors requiring concrete repair.

Remember to look after the underlying problems before you finish with Finalcrete. If you are facing a sinking floor, there are two possibilities. For newer floors, the best solution might be to wait for the structure to settle. In older homes, there are more options for your concrete repairs than just dealing with a surface solution. Using lifts to build the floor up to the desired height and then applying the overlay is one technique.

There are several very good reasons why Finalcrete is the best choice as far as cost efficiency goes. There is less work needed for surface preparation and your service time, from start to finish, can be as little as 60 minutes.

Finalcrete is engineered so it will not permanently stain and can resist even the ravages of fuel or oil spills. With the flexibility and strength to be layered to a 6’’ depth, Finalcrete is the product of choice when making garage floor and other concrete repair jobs when saving time and money is a priority.

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