While Finalcrete does a great job with urban concrete repairs resisting any damage from livestock urine or manure and the ability to stick to almost any surface, there’s much more to what this polymer admix can do for your bottom line.

An inexpensive, two-component, early strength repair material, Finalcrete’s uses extend to agricultural needs like foundations, stalls and silos. The demands for different projects call for different mixing ratios to be used and this is the product that offers a range of mixing ratios from a 1:2 ratio slurry to a 1:3.5 ratio stiff mix (liquid to dry). Because these silos are used for the storage of grain, the insides of these structures need to be checked when they are empty for signs of corrosion.

The versatility of Finalcrete makes it the perfect solution for repairs to the seepage collection and storage system as well. Remember that establishing your one part measure with either a cup, small container, or a fill line to assist you with using the correct ratio to master your desired mix will help you achieve overall consistency with the project. Whether you mix for a trowel, spray hopper or overhead, the right mixing ratio will help you meet the project demands for a professional finish that lasts, regardless of whether the repairs need to be done on the inside of the silos or on the outside seepage collection systems.

Perfect for outside uses, Finalcrete is stronger than most other repair products, will not shrink on cure and is workable in all weather between 10-35°C.