All concrete repairs and restorations need to add to your profit margins and not subtract from it. That is true when you’re looking to repair steps and walkways and it’s certainly the case when you’ve got concrete driveways that need repair.

These are all fine examples where Finalcrete gets the job done so you won’t need to make repairs again and again. The thickness of the driveway isn’t an issue either since this is the product that can be layered in 2″ layers up to a 6″ depth. It can be used in all weather conditions and at temperatures ranging from 7°C to 35°C.

Remember that the heavy duty reinforcing wire mesh is used to cover the freeze/thaw cycles in Canada. It should cover about 90 per cent of the driveway area, although problems may near the edges where the mesh runs out and cracks appear. Finalcrete can be used to fix these problems.

Regardless of the placement, the repair job is all in a day’s work for Finalcrete. When you don’t know if a four inch bed has been supplied as a starting point to avoid cracking, you can rest assured that Finalcrete will help you to fix any problems that arise.

Drainage should have been set up to avoid water flowing back toward the driveway or home but in any circumstance Finalcrete can be used to reposition the concrete so that the water can be redirected.

Concrete repair and restoration needs to be a cost effective enterprise and that’s what you get with Finalcrete. Use it for concrete driveways and all other kinds of repairs including patching, spalling scars and even deep pours where necessary.