There’s a lot of work that goes into decorative concrete finishes whether applied on porches, patios, steps or even retaining walls. When repairs need to be done it’s important to get fast time to service, which is what you get with Finalcrete, a product under normal conditions can be walked on after 4 hours from start to finish.

When you’re working with stamped or stenciled concrete finishes you need to make sure that these patterned finishes are applied with the dexterity Finalcrete offers. Using a polypropylene releasing agent will allow you to stamp any design. These are all good things to know when you’re working with the complexity of exterior stenciled concrete.

You need to be sure you’ve got a certain versatility on your side as well when you’re looking at patterns that you need to match up with like swirls and arcs. There are no worries when you’ve got Finalcrete on your side since you can use your regular tools and this product has exceptional freeze/thaw resistance.

A non-slip surface can easily be produced with a broom finish and with the dense, low permeable composition that this product boasts, there is little chloride ion ingress and negligible water absorption. Finalcrete is made by people who understand that getting the job done right is not only solid practice but it also ensures that you will get repeat business that is cost effective and you will not have to go back to make repairs.

Finalcrete is versatile for a variety of jobs and will stick to virtually any surface, making it perfect for those decorative finishes that need to be touched up and worked with your regular trowel.