For a product where less work is needed in preparing the surface reducing costs and saving time, Finalcrete is the best solution for agricultural repairs like feedlot bunkers. It is both efficient and green, since it has no VOC or any other harmful chemicals.

Agricultural feedlot bunkers for either sheep or cattle are generally fashioned from concrete since it will not rot, rust, or burn, but these structures are still susceptible to cracks from the freeze-thaw cycle, often resulting in damage that needs to be repaired quickly and easily. That’s where Finalcrete comes in with its ability to stick to almost any surface and whether the concrete is worn, damaged or chipped, it can be fixed simply with a long lasting concrete repair using this specially formulated polymer admix.

Good, durable feedlots bunkers are the backbone of good feedlot operations. There are generally a combination of assets including rolling stock and an ongoing business operation that requires no bunkers are out of circulation for any great length of time. Finalcrete fits the bill since it is the early strength repair material that you can use right on the job and it can stick to virtually any surface.

Perfect for outdoor repairs, this product is workable in many weather conditions and in temperatures between 10-35°C. This is a versatile product and depending on what you need it for beyond feedlot bunker repairs, Finalcrete offers a range of mixing ratios from between a 1:2 ratio slurry to a 1:3.5 ratio stiff mix liquid to dry. It provides the finish you want so the repair gets done right the first time.