The causes of that sidewalk repair might vary, but you can rely on Finalcrete to provide a smooth, skid resistant finish that will stand up to the weather and will not require numerous touchups that can eat away at your profit margins. The mix ratios can be varied from a trowel mix to a spray slurry. One main benefit includes the fact that Finalcrete sticks to virtually any surface so you’ll be able to look after the damage that occurs on concrete. Whatever the reason for the damage, Finalcrete can is the right solution. Finalcrete has a dense, low permeable composition which results in negligible water absorption and chloride ion ingress. The tight matrix produced eliminates the need for air entrapment agents, while achieving exceptional freeze-thaw resistance. Its excellent flow characteristics eliminate the need for water-reducing agents or super-plasticizers, while maintaining desirable low water-to-cement ratios.

Finalcrete is the solution in a two-part system, providing the polymer modified cement that will work with your bottom line when large sections of sidewalk have heaved and you need to be certain that products you are using for the fix won’t let you down.

Getting a residential or commercial sidewalk repair done fast and efficiently is one thing you know that you can count on with Finalcrete, which has a 60 minute working time, from start to finish.

Still, there’s always another job just over the horizon and with Finalcrete you don’t need to concern yourself with wasted cleanup time. Finalcrete washes up with water and you can even use your conventional concrete tools to fill in the smaller cracks in any sidewalk that needs your attention. Bigger sections and even broken pieces are some of the other problematic areas that Finalcrete can work on and it’s great for steps and walkways as well.