More often the aesthetics of a property becomes the property manager’s concern when curb chips and cracks or spalling lessen the appeal and maintenance is a priority. Beyond the expected regular wear and tear from general use, these problems also show up after only a few winters or more quickly when the weather is unusually colder or wetter than normal. The property’s appearance needs to be improved and what better way when your maintenance crews have access to a great concrete repair product.

Finalcrete will give you the right finish so the job gets done fast and easy allowing your maintenance crews to move on to the next job. This inexpensive, early strength, two component repair material is suitable for any restoration or concrete repair needed on flat surfaces, walls, curbs or walkways.

There’s more than one advantage to Finalcrete and its strength starts with the ability to accommodate stress brought on by the freeze-thaw cycle. Added benefits for property managers that want to get any concrete repairs done right the first time include Finalcrete’s resistance to salt, chemicals, oil and even fuel.

Where the correct concrete sealer hasn’t been implemented, spalling can be a concern on concrete walkways. One of the most efficient ways to resolve this issue is by taking advantage of Finalcrete’s versatility. It can be used successfully on everything from shallow feathering to patching and spalling scars. The results are outstanding when you need broomed, smooth or skid resistant surfaces.

Finalcrete is an economical product with a start to finish service time of 60 minutes. Finalcrete will stick to most surfaces and will not shrink on cure making it the preferred top coat for concrete restoration finishes.