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Basement wall cracks are no match for Finalcrete

Settling concrete foundations can cause cracks that can dip into your profit margins unless you’ve got the right early strength concrete repair product, which is Finalcrete. Moisture problems that can have you coming back to the same basement include a lack of proper floor drains and even poor circulation or improperly vented appliances. There are […]

Concrete repair for walkways is made easy with Finalcrete

With the ability to accommodate widening crack repairs and resist the otherwise normal ravages of the freeze/thaw cycle, Finalcrete provides concrete repair and restoration that works well even with particular jobs like high traffic walkways, so that you can get the job done and move on to the next.

An added advantage of Finalcrete is the […]

Finalcrete is the perfect solution for fixing concrete steps

Flexibility is one of the features that you’ll enjoy when you choose Finalcrete as your concrete repair and restoration solution. This polymer admix is easy to use on the job and it has been designed for a number of applications including top coating, partial filling cracks with smooth or other various finishing options.

Finalcrete also stands […]

Measuring how much product you need

Save money on expensive concrete replacements with Finalcrete. The savings start by not having to remove old concrete. If the foundation is sound you can restore the area quickly and easily with a Finalcrete repair patch. So let’s consider how much product you’ll need. Start by calculating the square footage of your job site. That’s […]

Finalcrete: Convenient spray application for cost effectiveness

When you’re looking for a no-nonsense concrete repair that eliminates the need for removal of existing material and repouring, look no further than Finalcrete. A cost effective solution, Finalcrete combines the ability to cure in damp conditions at low temperatures with a variable mix consistency. Use it to keep your costs down when conventional concrete […]

Finalcrete works great for sidewalk repairs

Cracks in sidewalks are another one of those jobs you can use Finalcrete for. Although this outstanding product won’t take the place of the preparation work you’ll need to get cracks, pits or gaps ready, Finalcrete is the perfect solution when more traditional concrete repair techniques are too costly or otherwise impractical.

Why? It’s simple to […]

Garage floor repairs and Finalcrete: The right combination

As garage floors age, they are prone to sinking, scaling as well as pitting and cracking. These are common issues, but not insignificant ones when you want your repairs to be cost efficient and fast.

Using Finalcrete is the right choice. This product provides a water resistant chemical finish adding superior bonding capability to almost any […]

Concrete cracks are no match for Finalcrete

Keeping costs down but getting the job done right is the recipe for business success in any line of work and concrete refinishing and concrete repair is no exception. Remember to include Finalcrete as a big part of the solution when you’re dealing with cracks since this is the product that boasts superior bonding to […]

Finalcrete looks great with a broom finish

Along with being versatile and great for uses in many different applications, Finalcrete can be applied quite easily using conventional concrete tools. If you’re looking to produce a surface with excellent traction, using this permanent concrete repair product lends itself to the traditional broom finish that’s been used for years.

Getting the desired effect is an […]