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Easy clean-up and self-bonding: Just two of the many advantages of Finalcrete when parging foundations

Finalcrete is a two-part system that is perfect for parging jobs of all types, including concrete and ICF foundations. This product is easy to mix and apply and the tools that you use can be cleaned up with water. What could be easier? Under normal conditions Finalcrete needs 60 minutes to set allowing for enough […]

Finalcrete Walkway Repairs Clean Up With Just Water

Business is and has always been about the bottom line. When you’re working on repairs in a high traffic area like a walkway or sidewalk, you need to be sure that every move will count. That’s why you need to have Finalcrete in your arsenal when you’re looking at fixing cracks, gaps or pits in […]

Tackle Spalling with Finalcrete’s Superior Adhesion

More often the aesthetics of a property becomes the property manager’s concern when curb chips and cracks or spalling lessen the appeal and maintenance is a priority. Beyond the expected regular wear and tear from general use, these problems also show up after only a few winters or more quickly when the weather is unusually […]

Finalcrete is versatile enough to be useful with curling and cracking slabs

Upward or downward bending of the edges of slabs of concrete can leave corners unsupported and cracks and chips can occur that need to be repaired. The upward curling is typically caused by either shrinking or contraction at the top. The solution to a quick and easy repair that cleans up with water is Finalcrete.

This […]

Solid Fundamentals Help to Avoid Cracks. Finalcrete Fixes Them.

Finalcrete can be used for a variety of purposes—from topping to patching, shallow feathering and deep or partial fills. Filling cracks is one of the specialties of this two-component, early strength repair material and while some of the shrinkage that causes cracking can be prevented, this is the solution for those that have already formed.

When […]

Use Finalcrete for concrete floor repairs that minimize downtime

Time is money and that’s true for you and your clients. Repairing cracks in warehouse floors, manufacturing or food and beverage centers means that you and your client base will want to take advantage of Finalcrete’s versatility that includes mixing ratios that vary with different applications.

For some of these bigger jobs you can alter the […]

Agricultural engineering report shows concrete structures need the kind of help Finalcrete provides

Finalcrete’s versatility allows applications that get the best results. Establishing one part measure, whether with a cup or small container or using a fill line to assist using the correct ratio to master your desired mix will help you achieve overall consistency with the project. That’s just one of the advantages of this two component […]

Finalcrete helps keeps your concrete patio in great shape

Being successful means staying on top of all the latest trends that are catching the eye of your more discerning clients. Patios are gaining popularity and concrete has enough decorative options to grab a market share. Make sure that any repairs are looked after quickly and efficiently by Finalcrete since it doesn’t have any VOCs […]

Versatility and Finalcrete: An advantage and product that go hand in hand

The prospect of using conventional tools is one of the first things that should attract you to Finalcrete. The use of a trowel is handy for a variety of jobs, including parging foundations, spraying galvanized window wells to produce a stucco finish and putting the finishing touches on anchors and railings. A broom can be […]

Finalcrete is stronger than the competition at fixing cracks

If you require a polymer modified cement that has an excellent turnaround time from start to finish, choose Finalcrete. When you’re dealing with concrete cracks and you need to address a number of factors that include the cover thickness and exposure. These cracks need to be looked at carefully.

Is it a one time event or […]