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Extending the pot life of Finalcrete under hot conditions

Not always do we have ideal working conditions for concrete repair and restoration jobs. During the summer months when the sun is beating down and temperature on the work surface reaches over 50°C we need to improvise to help the mixing compound do its job by making the pot life last long enough so it […]

There’s no surprises applying Finalcrete

Time is money and you want the concrete overlay that you use on your concrete repair work to be versatile with excellent curing time. These are only a couple of many reasons that you’ll want to add Finalcrete to the list of materials that you use.

Concrete overlays, concrete repairs and restoration and parge construction are […]

Finalcrete is quick to apply with long lasting colour

Aging concrete presents a variety of different applications for Finalcrete. This solution is a cost effective repair and restoration technique that can be added directly to the concrete at the job site and requires none of the specialized curing techniques associated with other latex modified concretes. Simple and effective, Finalcrete is perfect for commercial and […]

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Finalcrete works with a trowel application

Finalcrete is an efficient and economical product that allows you to make all your concrete repairs count. You can repair and renew all concrete surfaces with this solution that eliminates the need to repour and break down the existing concrete. Best of all, you get the added benefit of superior water resistance and the ability […]

Finalcrete: Making concrete foundation repair quick and easy

Settlement. It’s a word that can mean some major structural issues when you’re looking at a foundation that’s resting on expansive clay or even improperly compacted fill soils. If you need to use a jackhammer or even piercing methods to get the foundation back to where it needs to be, the costs in labour and […]