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Finalcrete: Convenient spray application for cost effectiveness

When you’re looking for a no-nonsense concrete repair that eliminates the need for removal of existing material and repouring, look no further than Finalcrete. A cost effective solution, Finalcrete combines the ability to cure in damp conditions at low temperatures with a variable mix consistency. Use it to keep your costs down when conventional concrete […]

Finalcrete as an instrumental part of parging.

Making things look new again without needing to sacrifice a lot of time and money is what Finalcrete is all about. For jobs where conventional concrete repair and restoration techniques don’t work or cost too much, Finalcrete is there with the best results that keep the costs down.

Parging is one of those jobs where you need […]

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Concrete porch repairs require Finalcrete and some careful analysis

Repeat business means that you need to get things done right the first time. Coming back to any concrete repairs will mean that you are losing money and hindering your word of mouth reputation. Porch repairs are no exception. Having the outstanding chemical resistance and variable mix consistency of Finalcrete on your side is important […]

Concrete cracks are no match for Finalcrete

Keeping costs down but getting the job done right is the recipe for business success in any line of work and concrete refinishing and concrete repair is no exception. Remember to include Finalcrete as a big part of the solution when you’re dealing with cracks since this is the product that boasts superior bonding to […]