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Concrete ramp repairs use Finalcrete’s versatility

It doesn’t matter whether the concrete ramp that needs repair is being used as an alternative to stairs outside a home or has some agricultural usage, general mixing guidelines exist for Finalcrete from finishing restoration work to spray top finish to straight forward repair patch work. Finalcrete doesn’t require a bonding agent or primer, is […]

Concrete steps are repaired quickly and easily with Finalcrete

Moving forward in business means spending as little time as possible backpedalling by returning for repair work, but the wear and tear on concrete steps from traffic and the elements during the course of its lifespan means that some kind of patch or fix will be necessary.

That’s why Finalcrete should be the only specially formulated […]

Finalcrete works with patios for quick patching and superior anchoring

Concrete patios provide stability and usually require long periods between necessary repairs. However, one of the weak points can be hand railings. Deterioration of the embedment, the placement of carpets and water degradation around railing anchors can lead to areas that need to be repaired. Finalcrete takes care of the damage and helps to prevent […]

Finalcrete fixes damaged concrete stairs.

As an inexpensive, two component early strength repair material, Finalcrete is just what you need to tackle repairs on both commercial and residential concrete steps. As much as you want the repair to any stairs completed quickly and easily, it’s important to look for the underlying causes of the damage to get the full picture.

There […]

Concrete Step Repair Is All In A Day’s Work For Finalcrete

Concrete is a long lasting durable material but the corners of stairs can be prone to chipping and cracking. Repairs affect the appearance and maintenance costs so you want to get them done right the first time and for that Finalcrete is the perfection solution.

After a chipped corner has been scrubbed to get rid of […]

Garage Floor Repairs Take To Finalcrete’s High Bond Requirements

While some property owners opt for placing a new concrete slab after removing a failed garage floor, Finalcrete is the better solution. This inexpensive, two component, early strength repair material requires less preparation work so both costs and time are saved. As a contractor, you’ll be impressed with the variable mix ratios that make Finalcrete […]

Concrete walkways are a quick repair for Finalcrete

Your bottom line is one of the most important parts of your business. When it comes to concrete walkway repairs, it’s necessary to use a polymer admix that’s been specially designed for use in high traffic areas. The only name that you need to look for is Finalcrete for several outstanding reasons.

Remember that even with […]

Need repairs for concrete driveways? Finalcrete has the answers

All concrete repairs and restorations need to add to your profit margins and not subtract from it. That is true when you’re looking to repair steps and walkways and it’s certainly the case when you’ve got concrete driveways that need repair.

These are all fine examples where Finalcrete gets the job done so you won’t need […]

Farm containment walls and Finalcrete: A winning combination

Agricultural containment walls shouldn’t be a high maintenance part of any rural business. There are lots of different factors that go into a wall failure, like a rotational slip and joint breakdown in the block work, but Finalcrete has the durability, strength, urine and manure resistance and economy to cut costly repair time and right […]

Measuring how much product you need

Save money on expensive concrete replacements with Finalcrete. The savings start by not having to remove old concrete. If the foundation is sound you can restore the area quickly and easily with a Finalcrete repair patch. So let’s consider how much product you’ll need. Start by calculating the square footage of your job site. That’s […]