Time is money and you want the concrete overlay that you use on your concrete repair work to be versatile with excellent curing time. These are only a couple of many reasons that you’ll want to add Finalcrete to the list of materials that you use.

Concrete overlays, concrete repairs and restoration and parge construction are three of the important areas where Finalcrete presents an alternative to traditional concrete repair techniques only begin to describe the versatility that you’ll get here. Finalcrete will cure at low temperatures and even in damp conditions. It’s innovative and new but perhaps best of all it can be applied like any other concrete product.

Conventional tools can be used in the traditional manner with Finalcrete. When a constant thickness on a level surface is required, you can use a notched trowel to spread the mix and then a regular trowel to finish the job off. Finalcrete has excellent chemical and water resistance and is impervious to salt. Depending on the type of finish that you’re looking for, you can get the look you want using a trowel, screed or broom.

Like any other product, you don’t want to overwork the material but keep in mind Finalcrete’s versatility allows for excellent over coating. Just let it cure for 24 hours and make sure the surface is clean before applying the second layer.

Finalcrete offers excellent bonding strength, which makes it the clear choice for your concrete repairs small or large, commercial or residential. You can apply Finalcrete using the same methods as other concrete products and you only need to be sure surfaces are clean, dry and free of loose material before you get started.

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