Time is money and that’s true for you and your clients. Repairing cracks in warehouse floors, manufacturing or food and beverage centers means that you and your client base will want to take advantage of Finalcrete’s versatility that includes mixing ratios that vary with different applications.

For some of these bigger jobs you can alter the trowel mix slightly by using a ratio 1:3.5, adding ¼ part water and mixing thoroughly to extend the pot life. High traffic floor systems need to be repaired quickly and the job needs to be done right the first time so there is no need for time- and cost-consuming return visits.

Moisture can be a culprit when it comes to cracks but Finalcrete gets straight to the business at hand requiring no primer, bonding agent or binder including slurry mix. Still, having the substrate wet helps the hydration process and this becomes important when applying any Portland based cement product in warm areas such as the floors of manufacturing centers.

The initial concrete mix for the floor is often the key to preventing some of the failures that Finalcrete fixes with its excellent self bonding quality that will not fail at the bond line. The mix ratio is generally 1:3 allowing horizontal work and research indicates that lower water to cement ratios at the onset when the floor is first being poured will ultimately result in fewer cracks and less curling.

Remember, Finalcrete is always ready to cut downtime for clients and speed you along to the next job, regardless of the effects of the weather on some of the conditions you might face. It’s workable in all weather conditions at temperatures between 10-35°C.