The prospect of using conventional tools is one of the first things that should attract you to Finalcrete. The use of a trowel is handy for a variety of jobs, including parging foundations, spraying galvanized window wells to produce a stucco finish and putting the finishing touches on anchors and railings. A broom can be used on a concrete floor to provide a skid-resistant finish coat. There’s versatility with this product that you can’t ignore.

There are a lot more advantages and other uses that Finalcrete has. On walkways, you can spray the product on in a thin coat for subsequent coloring and skid resistance. Use varying pressure on the spray gun and also use varying distances from the substrate, to achieve different types of finishes.

When you look up and see that a chimney needs some work, Finalcrete is the only product you’ll need for that job too. It’s stronger than the competition and it maintains a lasting finish. Start using Finalcrete at the cracked chimney cap to prevent moisture from making its way down though the rest of the structure creating a bigger problem when the colder weather hits. Beyond allowing the use of regular concrete tools and quick clean up with water, you can also use this product in a variety of weather conditions at temperature between 7°C and 35°C.

Remember that Finalcrete accommodates for widening crack repairs and resists the freeze/thaw cycle that can cause unnecessary touchups that are common with other products.